About Chris

Christopher Kai Olsen is an EMMY®-winning (and four time EMMY®-nominated) writer/producer and creative director. His work has premiered on stage, screen and television and includes Emmy®-nominated PBS programming (THE ARTSIDERS® , BENEATH THE WHITE CITY LIGHTSA LIGHT IN THE DARK) award winning animation (VEGGIETALES®,  THE KARL DAHL SHOW®) critically acclaimed films (BUTTERFLY, FANCY, BOY.GIRL.DRUM…), renowned creative partnerships (ANN REINKING, THODOS DANCE CHICAGOLINDA MARIE SMITHFRANK FONTANA, GINGARTE CAPOEIRA…), and a wide range of high profile commercial, experiential, and interactive productions for Fortune 500 clients. In his spare time, Chris can be found speaking at film festivals, arts events, and educational institutions across the country, and really appreciates a well-made chai tea latte.